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    Get Unstuck and
    Move the Way You Want To


    Build Strength and Mobility

    Create Soul-Centered Self-Care





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    I'm on a mission to bring you the gifts that yoga has brought me.

    Yoga Tune Up

    offers a refreshing, yoga-inspired way of working with your body to improve strength, mobility, breath, and mindset. Props, provided for my classes, include Roll Model Method balls for self-massage.


    AnnMerle is just the best instructor and coach. My body has changed so much. I started with nerve pain in my arms and legs. And now, I am happy and healthier. Work with AnnMerle; it will transform you.


    Robyn Cohen, 62







    Restorative Yoga Roll Out


    This restorative class focuses on rebuilding strength, establishing tension-reducing breathing patterns, and exploring both your core and the core of your being.

    Mondays, 10:30-11:30 am

    @ The L'Chaim Center

    405 Lake Cook Road, Suite 207

    Deerfield, IL 60015


    Mondays and Tuesday, 6:30-7:30

    @ Essential Evolution

    459 Central Avenue, #201

    Highland Park, IL 60035


    First Class Free. After that 20 dollars a class or a series of 10 classes for $180.



    Custom Private

    Yoga and Self-Care for You


    At my home-based yoga sanctuary in Deerfield, Illinois. I will support your complete self-care makeover. New tools, new practices, new energy, and new focus.


    Custom Private Yoga: Self-care at its most effective. If you are stressed out and your body is telling you that you need to change your ways consider a focused, individualized course in healing. Or, simply a series of private, custom-designed lessons. You will learn how to breathe and how to get strong in ways that allow your tense muscles to relax. Truly transformative.  Click Here to e-mail me and learn more.


  • WHO I AM

    AnnMerle Feldman

    Chief Coach and Ally



    I specialize in teaching an amazing strength and mobility building yoga to women who want to move from stuck to inspired. I am certified in Jill Miller's Yoga Tune Up and have a background in  Forrest Yoga, Turbodog Yoga, and Jewish Spirituality, I design unique classes to meet my beloved clients' varied and specific needs: high-energy classes, restorative classes, as well as custom private programs. My clients build surprising strength -- emotionally and physically – and reclaim the lives they dream of.


    At age 50, as an English professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I began practicing yoga to help with chronic low back, shoulder, neck pain, and debilitating tension headaches. To my surprise, in addition to strengthening my body and healing my pain, I found that yoga’s breathing opened me up to Jewish spirituality. I retired to teach yoga and I am at my best working individually with women who want to restore their strength, energy,  mobility, and motivation! 


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    Ann Merle Feldman






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